Warming up with Fall Decor

With the temperature dropping, leaves changing, and bulky sweaters making their way back into our closets, it is evident that autumn is here, and we are all looking for the perfect ways to incorporate that “fall feel” into our homes. Keeping up with seasonal decor makes the home feel fresh and uplifting. Arguably the most visually and aromatically pleasing season in Canada, you can make your home fall ready both outside and inside with just a few simple tricks.

Front Porch Swag

Front porch decor is always a good prelude to entering the home. While there are many ways to show off your seasonal sense of style, keeping it simple with a plant, wreath, and pumpkin will do the trick. Chrysanthemums give a burst of colour to your doorstep this time of year when your gardens aren’t doing the trick, adding to this small haystacks, pumpkins, corn-stalks, and fall themed wreaths, provide a full figured fall welcome into the home. These items, including the chrysanthemums, can be purchased at most grocery stores, craft stores, or local farms, such as The Log Farm in Ottawa, ON.  

Traditional Fall Decor

One of the most common trends for the fall season is filling your space to acquire a cozy feel. Warm and neutral colours are a good baseline for fall decor; keeping with oranges, purples, reds, browns, and greens, bring the outdoor, natural touch into the home. With these colours in mind, selectively placing miniature pumpkins and multi-coloured gourds to accentuate table tops or mantels are always a good place to start for seasonal decorating. Adding in textured blankets, throws, and accent pillows give the extra warmth needed both for visually pleasing and practical purposes. Finally, fall flowers, be they the previously mentioned chrysanthemums, a bouquet of sunflowers, or yellow roses with added berries and apples for a festive feel, can give you the extra pop of colour you are looking for in your fall home decor theme.

White is for more than winter!

Modern household decor trends are seeing more spaces decorated in whites and shades of grey. To bring seasonal decor into your home without heavily contrasting the modern feel, adding whites, greys, sandy browns, and even blacks along with some foliage can accentuate your space while complimenting an overall modern or minimalist style. White pumpkins placed in various places around the home, and greenery, painted gourds, wheat, candle sticks and silver sap buckets of various sizes can be added to centrepieces or counter-space to provide a fuller fall look while spending as little or as much as you want.


Another way to incorporate the fall feel into your home, is to add the scents of leaves, pumpkin, spices, and apples; many people overlook how the right aroma can stimulate a sense of season on it’s own. Bath and Body Works sells a variety of different candles for all preferences, that will work harmoniously with your fall decor. If your not into burning candles and prefer a more pure and natural feel, try diffusing essential oils such as clove, cinnamon bark, ginger, wild orange, and cedarwood for a fragrant fall atmosphere.

Fall is a beautiful season in all of its elements; with outdoor colours changing, and leaves scattering the ground we walk on, its natural to want this artistry extended into the home. Remember that if traditional fall decor colour scheme is not your cup of tea, painting decor to match your style works just as well. Decorative accents used to bring a piece of the organic autumn beauty indoors are timeless, and leave us feeling warm no matter the temperature outside.