The Benefits of Creating an Indoor Garden 

Do you love the idea of gardens, but are hesitant to begin the work due to lack of real estate, high maintenance, or just pure intimidation? Creating an indoor garden can be the solution you are looking for; your garden can take up as much or as little space as you want, ranging from a few herbs growing on your countertop to a beautiful garden wall, filled with lively greenery from top to bottom. The best part of your indoor garden is that upkeep and maintenance can be much easier! You don’t have to haul your tools outdoors and spend a day getting down and dirty to ensure your plants look good and have the nutrients they require to thrive and flourish. Additionally, you do not spend too much time or worry on preparing them for the survival of the fittest come the cold Canadian winter months. 

While gardening can be a hobby that produces beauty and attracts admirers, for some, the thought of countless hours pulling weeds, pruning, adding soil, and taking care of outdoor plants can seem overwhelming. Often, other issues like space or real estate, time management, or lack of knowledge can also be reason enough for people to hold off on beginning a garden or even entertaining it as a hobby. But did you know that gardening can be very therapeutic, and create an overall sense of accomplishment and wellbeing? Even Freud said, “Flowers are restful to look at. They have no emotions or conflict”. So by taking up gardening, we help to instill in ourselves a sense of responsibility, which allows us to act as nurturers, and give a sense of connection with other living things. Most importantly, gardening can aid in relaxation, and in this busy, messy world, sometimes a task so simple as “relaxing” is a luxury we forget to afford ourselves.  If the thought of gardening leaves you feeling frightened, by starting your garden indoors, you can still reap in some of the benefits gardening provides in a way that is more manageable for you. Creating your indoor garden can be as little or as big of a project as you want it to be, and has the potential of growth and development as you become more comfortable with the hobby itself. Here are some tips and tricks for building and maintaining your indoor garden.  
  • Depending on the type of garden you want to grow (herb, flower), you may want to consider lighting available to help your plants thrive. Read the plant preferences when you purchase, or ask someone for directions at your local nursery.  
  • Water the plants when the soil is dry to touch. Overwatering your plants can be detrimental to the plants survival. For staggered watering, ice cubes can provide a long lasting water contribution and save you from the hassle of back and forth. 
  • For delicate plants, such as fuchsias, water from the bottom by keeping the plant in a pot with holes at the bottom, and on top of a deepened plate. By watering from the bottom, the roots get the water they need without drowning the plant entirely.  
  • Keep the plants away from drafts, such as air conditioners of vents. 
  • Know your commitment level. Plants are available ready-grown, easy to transfer to your indoor garden. If you are looking for more of a challenge, look into starting your own plants from seedlings.  
  • Do not forget to give your plants the nutrients it needs! Fertilizer and nutrients will help your plants thrive in your indoor garden
Gardening is a hobby enjoyed by many people all over the world. So often we can feel so intimidated by our neighbours flourishing flowers that we hold back incase our own don’t measure up by comparison. By starting indoors, you can give your home a beautiful touch of greenery and also hone your skills as a gardener in the meantime. By researching the types of plants you want to grow, you are sure to find an abundance of information on how to help these plants thrive and ensure your indoor garden looks great, eaves you feeling a sense of calm accomplishment, and lets your thumb take on that green shine you’ve always yearned for. 

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