How to Prepare for a Winter Move

Just because the winter months are upon us, doesn’t mean that we can necessarily avoid moving during this time. Although it doesn’t necessarily seem preferable to move during the winter, there are actually many advantages that can make moving in the winter a good choice for you. It is important to consider weather conditions, finances, and schedule flexibility when you are thinking about moving in the winter months to ensure that your move will be as successful as possible.

When it comes to moving, it is always easier to hire a moving company if you are able. These companies can provide the truck, driver, and labourers to assist you with your move. During the winter months, moving companies are in what is considered to be the “off-season” and their prices are generally lower during this time of year. It also offers more flexibility in their schedule, so if there are any last minute changes that need to happen due to varying weather conditions, it is often easier to reschedule or adjust the current plan to take these conditions into consideration. Inclement weather is a part of winter conditions, and the following tips may help you prepare for a successful winter move.  Things to consider: Winter-Proofing Items When it comes to moving in the winter, it is always important to be extra cautious, especially when transporting fragile items in the cold, and moving furniture during inclement weather. Use extra sheets or plastic to protect furniture pieces and avoid damage to fragile items or electronics by packing them with extra care. Try to arrange it so that smaller, fragile items and electronics are transported in your vehicle, rather than having them exposed to the cold in the moving truck.  Check the Weather Reports Keep a close eye on upcoming weather patterns, and anything that might cause major trouble to your scheduled move. Make sure that you are considering any storm that could become a safety concern for road conditions. Allow for extra travelling time during the winter, especially with large moving trucks being on the road. Snow removal Plan for appropriate snow removal on the day of your move. By this, we mean ensuring that all driveways, stairs, and pathways leading to and from the properties are cleared and salted to avoid any accidents. Make sure you take into consideration the scheduled snow removal for your streets to avoid having your vehicles and moving trucks banked in by the snow. It is important to ensure that your movers have the safest, closest, and easiest access to your home to make the move as smooth as possible.  Storage Container Depending on the size of your home, the amount of furniture and appliances being moved, as well as the distance you move, you may want to consider renting a portable storage container that can be placed and loaded at your home, and then moved to the new home. It may allow you to be better organized in your packing and moving process.  Lights & Heat Always ensure that you get your hydro and heat set up prior to the day of your move to make everything easiest for you. It is important for your safety to have lights set up and running when you are moving in furniture to make sure no one trips or falls during the moving process. Heat is important as well, as no one will be comfortable if the house is icy and cold during the move.  Moving during the winter doesn’t have to be a chore, or a disadvantage. Moving during the winter time can be simple and efficient as long as you ensure you are organized and flexible with your plans.

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