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Warming up with Fall Decor

Warming up with Fall Decor With the temperature dropping, leaves changing, and bulky sweaters making their way back into our closets, it is evident that autumn is here, and we are all looking for the perfect ways to incorporate that “fall feel” into our homes. Keeping up with seasonal decor makes the home feel fresh and uplifting. Arguably the most visually and aromatically pleasing season in Canada, you can make your home fall ready both outside and inside with just a few simple tricks. Front Porch Swag Front porch decor is always a good prelude to entering the home. While
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Splash your way into Summer All you need to know about getting a pool  

Splash your way into Summer: All you need to know about getting a pool  The heat is on, and the sun is shining, so what time is better than now to consider getting a pool. Pools are a fabulous way to keep cool in the summer heat, and entertain friends and family for hours this summer. There are many options to consider when you’re thinking about installing a pool, and bylaws to take into account when you do your install. You want to keep in mind the different types of pools, maintenance, associated costs, and of course, bylaws surrounding necessary enclosures.
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Time for a Green Thumb

English Gardens & You When it comes to gardens, there is nothing more beautiful than a traditional English style garden. If you’re not quite sure what an English garden looks like – I highly recommend taking a quick stroll through Google Images and allow yourself to be captivated by the beauty that unfolds before you. Now you may be thinking, how on earth am I going to create that landscape on my own? Have no fear; we have a few quick and simple gardening tips and suggestions to help guide you through the process. Before we go directly to the
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